What We Do

Content Strategy

Wherever you are in your writing journey, whether you are in the middle of writing your manuscript or just have the idea of your book in your head, we will help you get your ideas out your head and into your book. We work with you to make sure that each page of your book is written and portrayed exactly as you want it.

Throughout the process we will send you pages of what has been written for your review. Our priority is to make sure your voice is front and center. Your book is your story, and we want to make sure it’s told how you want to tell it.

Content strategy includes the following:

We also make sure that once you finish your manuscript, you’re able to publish it. We have worked in the publishing world and provide our guidance and expertise about the different publishing routes that you can choose and resources to help you choose which route is best for you. Our goal is to not only make sure you have a manuscript but a book you can proudly show the world.

Developmental Editing

There are three stages of editing when it comes to a book: developmental edits, copyediting, and proofreading. We provide developmental editing.

Working with us on developmental edits is a collaborative effort. We make suggestions and offer our input on the structure and flow of your book but will never make a permanent decision without your consent. The edits that we make are suggestions from best practices and from editing multiple books. Our focus is to make sure that throughout the edits that are made, that your voice is preserved and that the end result is something you’re proud to share.

What They Say…

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