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How Long Does it Take to Publish a Book?

Whether you are publishing with a hybrid publisher or self-publishing, bringing your book into your reader’s hands takes time. How long this process takes depends on a number of things—from how long it takes for you to write your manuscript—to the editing of your book. In our experience at PYP, this is an average estimated timeline of the publishing process. Other paths will vary in regards to how fast or

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Which publishing Path Should I Choose? A Hybrid Publisher? Traditional Publisher? Or Should I Self-Publish?

As a new author, determining the right publishing is a tough choice. Within the options are a range of different publishing houses each with their own requirements. Which option should you go with? That depends on a few key things about what you’re looking for. Hybrid Publishing is right for you if…  You need help figuring out the publishing landscape. A hybrid publisher is the middle ground between traditional and self-publishing.

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The Economics of Your Publishing Options

One of the biggest questions that comes up when deciding who to publish with is the cost of the publishing process and the return on investment. How much will it cost you to publish your book and how much are you expected to see in royalties from selling your book. This post will cover,  generally speaking, what the costs are for the three main publishing methods rather than focusing on specific

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