Meet Brandi

Brandi Lai is the Founder and President of Best Laid Pens. During her time in college she slowly gained the confidence that she needed to medically transition and wear her identity as a transgender woman proudly.

In 2016, she was trying to figure out how to create a larger impact at her college and heard about her college’s online magazine, Her Campus. She had written several articles for Her Campus and had begun to recognize the impact that she could have by sharing her story and others through this medium. That marked the beginning of something new.

By sharing her work and continuing her transition with those around her, she gained the confidence she needed to continually put herself and her work in the spotlight. The confidence she gained helped her put herself in leadership roles in her college and helped to drive systemic change for LGBTQ+ people and create a more inclusive environment. She developed and hosted several workshops around transgender and LGBTQ+ education as well as passing down what she learned for upcoming young activists. She presented to her college and surrounding organizations such as Planned Parenthood, Metro Wellness Community Center, and Florida Collegiate Pride Collation (FCPC). In her final semester, she was able to present her research and work at the South East Women Studies Association and University of South Florida’s Undergraduate Research Conference in 2018.

Once she graduated, she left with a passion for writing and a drive to continue to give back to her communities. She soon found employment with a Hybrid Publishing company who shared her passion and commitments and was given the opportunity to uplift the stories of her community, working to help tell the stories of transgender people through a short story anthology. 

It was from hearing and helping put together these contributors stories that she had the opportunity to work with one of the contributors specifically on her own book. This new opportunity helped push Brandi to found Best Laid Pens and to use her talents to help other diverse people share their stories. Whether that is through using her expertise to put someone’s thoughts into words, expanding and fleshing out the content that someone has, or editing what has already been written, she is dedicated to making sure that your voice is heard and your story is told. 

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