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Best Laid Pens is a content strategy and developmental editing company. We guide our future authors throughout the process, ensuring what is written is authentic and told through their perspective.

most recent books that I've worked on

The Real Lives of Transgender and Nonbinary Humans

By: Brandi Lai
This powerful collection of stories, told by transgender and nonbinary people of all ages and from all walks of life, is an inspiring tribute to the human spirit.

Inclusive 360: Proven Solutions for an Equitable Organization

By: Bernadette Smith

In Inclusive 360: Proven Solutions for an Equitable Organization, Bernadette Smith delivers a systematic roadmap towards a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization.

Empowering Differences: Leveraging Your Differences to Impact Change

By: Ashley T. Brundage

Empowering Differences is the intentional action of using power and authority for yourself or others while positioning ways in which you are not the same as the people around you.

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Content Strategy

Helping you put your writing ideas onto paper! We work with you from beginning to end, making sure that you’re able to turn your completed manuscript into your book. We work collaboratively with you to make sure that your stories, ideas, and experiences are told how you want while guiding you on best practices and helping you put everything together. Content strategy covers ghostwriting, writing assistance, content organization, and making sure you have a plan once your manuscript is finished.

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing is the 1st stage of editing. In this stage, we will be looking over your manuscript or paper and suggest edits on a larger scale. We look at things from a 1000-yard view examining how your book is structured and where adjustments need to be made with a focus on maintaining your voice throughout the editing process. This is your book! We work to ensure that at the end of the developmental editing process you feel that much more confident going into the next stage of editing.

About Brandi Lai

Brandi Lai is founder and owner of Best Laid Pens, a content strategy company focusing on ghostwriting and developmental editing. Best Laid Pens amplifies your story and lived experiences to reach and leave a lasting impact on your audience.

Our mission is to help uplift the stories of underrepresented and marginalized people who may not have the opportunity to share their thoughts, ideas, and backgrounds. As an out transgender woman, Brandi knows the value of having your story told the way you would tell it to a friend. She has used her passion for writing to help people tell their stories in an authentic way that is true to them and their lives.


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